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Superior 7 Advertising custom designs and installs awnings specially created to fit your company’s image and your building’s architectural style. Welcome existing clients and invite in new ones when you protect them from rain, snow or wind at your business entrance. Available in a variety of eye-catching colours and practical fabrics, awnings deliver your message above the crowd like few other signs can.

Neon Signs

Neon is breaking out all the traditional boundaries. In a sign-filled world, say more than you are open. Take neon one step further; make it flash to create a sign with more intensity, scope and vitality than any other sign medium. Add pizzazz with neon in:

  • Letters
  • Building borders
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Graphic images

Superior 7 Advertising has a complete neon fabrication shop ready to create an electrifying sign experience for your business, organization or home. Visit us in Sault Ste. Marie or book an appointment at your site in Northern Ontario.


In paper, vinyl or adhesive film, billboards are the perfect way to get your message out to a huge audience very quickly. This high-impact advertisement projects the quick branding that benefits your bottom line. Superior 7 Advertising currently owns and maintains 98% of the billboards located on extremely busy roadways in the Sault Ste. Marie area. Let Superior 7 provide the billboard leasing and graphic design that gives you super-sized public exposure for competitively-sized prices.

Contact Superior 7 to speak to a creative sales consultant about your billboard design and placement.

Pylon Signs

Pole signs are perhaps the most common and cost-effective commercial outdoor signage. Using a single, double or multi-pole structure, let your sign reach heights visible for miles. Most of all, your sign’s design determines its impact. Superior 7 Advertising employs professional, creative sales consultants and designers who understand the complex details involved in producing a sign that will offer maximum communication for minimum investment.


Durable and easy to install, banners are available in all shapes, sizes and colours. Perfect for trade shows, parades, conferences, sports tournaments, special events and grand openings. Banners are your portable and economical solutions to attractive and effective temporary advertising.

Channel Letters

Flat signs won’t get you noticed but letters in three dimensions will. Give your signs substantial exposure with channel letters for indoor and outdoor signage. Available in many different surface finishes and styles, front- or reverse-lit, and LED or neon, make your presence known day or night.

Electronic Message Centres

Electronic message centres have proven priceless to those who use this versatile advertising medium. Ask any commercial business owner how a bright, scrolling, moving, flashing message benefits their business. They'll tell you that it is the highest exposure at the lowest cost, capturing their most important market – thousands of existing and potential customers who pass any location every day.

Become a believer and watch your revenue increase when you invest in advertising people actually stop and read. Call or visit Superior 7 to see an electronic message centre for yourself.

Fascia Signs

In terms of pure cost effectiveness, a custom-designed sign mounted in the right place on your building more than pays for itself in marketing value. Superior 7 Advertising provides attractive, legible and durable signage for any business that proclaims your company’s identity. Let Superior 7 help tell your potential customers, "Come in and do business. We're ready to serve you.”


Stop in today and see how we can help you!

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